Monday, April 19, 2010

San Juan StS - Questionaire

Crew Questionnaire

The questionnaire will be used to put you on a boat with like-minded shailors.  
Hit the reply button then answer the questions or remove the answers that don't apply to you.  Thanks!

Your Name/s: DoB/s:

List relevant medical conditions:  

-Do you smoke? [Yes]  [No]
-Do you drink? [Never] [The odd glass of wine with dinner]

[Afternoon cocktails, out by 2200] [Bloody Mary for breakfast after clubbing 'til late]

-Do you expect to [Read] [Nap] [Hike] [Swim] [Party]

-Since this is a "Share the Sail" which parts of the adventure would you prefer to "Share" in?

[Hoisting sails and anchoring] [Helming] [Cooking] [Pillaging]

Essay questions:

-What other stuff would you like to do while on this trip?

-Briefly, what is your sailing experience, if any?  

-Other comments, expectations: